Monday, July 5, 2010

Oomshakalaka: The Molten Core

It seems a long time ago, but I also studied enchanting. Once Coccinelle transferred to Exodar it seemed superfluous to have us both continue in the profession. She was already at the maximum skill level and I had just begun work on Grand Master enchanting, so I switched profession to alchemy. While studying enchanting I worked closely with the Thorium Brotherhood to learn to enchant my weapons with +20 spirit. I would have liked to learn +22 intellect, but the Brotherhood required missions to the Molten Core before they would teach it and I wasn't raiding at the time.

Even after ending my working relation with Thorium Brotherhood, however, I have desired to explore the Molten Core. Curiosity, I suppose. When I first reached level 80, I ventured there alone, but was forced to retreat by the first two guards. They were giants with a knockback attack which prevented me from casting spells effectively.

Recently, however, Zaibas and I returned there. He was searching for an enchantment recipe, +29 spell power to a weapon, for a rogue friend of his. Coccinelle would like that one, too. We did not find the enchantment. We did find, and defeat, the hollow shell of what was once the most powerful elemental lord in Azeroth.

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